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His / Hers / OURS

Two of the industry's hottest and fastest-rising photographers, Erik Tanner and Austen Risolvato, were bred south of the Mason-Dixon. We're claiming them "ours" - and breaking down their (vastly different) portfolios.

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We Cause A Scene!

On the eve of his 30th year on the planet, Cause A Scene music founder Larry Kloess throws a Nashville megashow with 9 bands and 400 of his closest friends.

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Aloha! Mondays

Georgia-born designer Clay Reeves’s collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts hang out at New York's Black Crescent bar, laying in wait for Aloha Mondays, his new vintage flash sale project.

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The Drinker's Guide to Nashville

Two intrepid drinkers quench their thirst at Nashville's finest watering holes in the name of journalism.


Stuff we're shopping right now - for guys and gals - from our favorite Southern-based retailers and designers.

"We all want to matter in this world. We all want to be validated, to be placed in a position where we are being empowered. I’m interested in how I can continue to empower individuals. So, I’m exploring how I tell others that we are now counting on them to arrive. " - Performance Artist Nick Cave

From Monsters on Ponce: Nick Cave's Wild Rumpus, April 2015


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Meet Me In Lebanon

The renaissance tale of Opelika, Alabama in 3 acts.

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Strange Bedfellows

Rare oysters get slutty when introduced to their boozy soulmates.


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Water, Shells & Bones

Tour the Atlanta studio of emerging painter Maggie Mathews.

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Put It On My House Account

Charlotte boutique owner Laura Vinroot Poole is revolutionizing mobile commerce one small business at a time.

"All I ever want is a single-malt, and they actually make that here... the best American single-malt I've ever had." - Delta Spirit lead singer Matt Vasquez

from Meet Me In Lebanon: The Tale of Opelika in Three Acts, June 2015 


Our most popular stories from issues past.

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Palmetto Bug's Just Southern For Cockroach

Inside Croghan's, Charleston's 100 year old jewelry store, a young maker is crafting jewelry via an unorthodox muse.

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Stay Gold Ponyboy... Stay Gold

The High Life "pony" bottle comes of age.

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At Home With The Whiskey Gentry

The married duo behind Atlanta's favorite country/punk roots band throw open the doors to their home and studio.


"We didn't have a drug problem. We had a life problem." - Morgan Johnston 

from Love Story: The Rock & Roll Romance of Duquette Johnston, April 2015


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