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What To Pack for Your Labor Day Getaway

Jessica Graves

The long weekend is here, huzzah! Huzzah! Are you headed out of town or enjoying a quiet weekend at home? Labor Day means lots of things: honoring the working man, yup, but also the end of summer, the beginning of football season, and lots o' good shopping. 

Maddie on Things

/ Joshu + Vela Weekender via



Clay + Bros.


Getting away? Despite the "end" of the season, it's still hot as Hades out, so wherever you go, my money's on your need for a swimsuit and beach towel. Oh, and a cool weekender to haul it all away in, right? All of this stuff swings both ways, meaning guys and gals can carry 'em off with equal aplomb. This rad duffle came from


, which I guess is technically for guys, but girls, there is tons of super cool stuff you can use, too.


pocket knife / Smathers & Branson flask via



Basil Hayden

& small-batch bourbons via


All travelers not headed to the coast are likely pointed to their respective college towns, off to watch the first football kickoff of the season. Let's be real, there are plenty of you who plan on being drunk from this afternoon until the smoke clears on Sunday. And not that the smell of Natty Lite won't ever not make me sentimental for the Sigma Chi house, but above are a few suggestions for growing up your flask a little. 

Happy long weekend! Enjoy it, fall is oh so near.