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4 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom for the New Year

STYLE, PEOPLE, DEC 15Jess Graves

Words: Jess Graves | Photos: Caroline Fontenot | Styling: Candice Beaty

I'm tired. Literally. I haven't been sleeping very well for the past, oh, two years. I attribute that to the long-overdue task of never putting any effort into my bed situation. It was high time for an upgrade. So, I went on the hunt for the good stuff. The soft stuff. The stuff that smells good and feels good and rocks you gently off into dreamland. I revamped things from the inside out, starting with the mattress and getting all the way down to my pajamas. Cheap stuff it is not, but I think it's well-worth the investment. After all, how many hours of our lives do we spend in bed?



 Mattress,  Leesa sleep .

Mattress, Leesa sleep.

I couldn't take one more night on my tired, old mattress. For 29 years old, I knew I shouldn't be so achy every morning. Over the past year or so, I've been reading up on traditional spring mattresses as opposed to newer memory foam technology, kicking proverbial tires and pondering what I was going to invest in. When Leesa reached out and offered up their product, I kind of wondered if it was too good to be true. Here was something supposedly comfortable and reasonably priced... and I didn't have to deal with delivery men? I was excited. If it came through as promised, I was going to be a happy camper. Plus, they tapped into my soft spot when I found out they're a Southern company.

 Short lead leash, Col. Littleton.

Short lead leash, Col. Littleton.

The mattress arrived tightly packed via UPS - I'll admit it was no picnic dragging that thing to the second floor by myself, but the point is that it was doable. I followed the unpacking instructions and let the mattress essentially uncoil itself on my bed frame as I watched, kinda bewildered. Sleeping on it was a totally different feeling than my prior mattress, which was super-soft. Leesa mattresses are firm, and I almost didn't know if I liked it the first few nights. Now that I've adjusted to it though, I'm genuinely sleeping really well. Most importantly, my back isn't hurting! If you're interested in trying one, they have a very generous trial period and you can shave 75 bucks off by using this link.


 Gratuitous "blogger" photo! Bedding,  Annie Selke Luxe.  Headboard,  Safavieh . Pajamas,  Eberjey . Dog, rotten.

Gratuitous "blogger" photo! Bedding, Annie Selke Luxe. Headboard, Safavieh. Pajamas, Eberjey. Dog, rotten.

The fun part! Annie Selke Luxe essentially made my year when a box of their yummy bedding arrived. I went for the pearl blue coverlet, euro shams and sheeting. I'm one of those crazy people that irons my sheets, so I cleaned and pressed them before dressing the bed. For the record, I tried to hire out the ironing and it was a disaster. I recommend you just do it yourself if you're anal-retentive like I am. If you're looking to really #treatyoself this Christmas, Annie Selke Luxe is the way to go. I feel like I'm climbing into a hotel bed.


 Monogrammed down pillows from  The Pillow Bar  in Dallas.

Monogrammed down pillows from The Pillow Bar in Dallas.

I couldn't stand the idea of putting gorgeous new sheets on old, ratty pillows. Thankfully there's a place in Dallas called Pillow Bar that will monogram fluffy, heavenly down pillows for you. Did I mention they smell lightly of lavender? Not even ashamed to say I buried my face in those things right out of the box.


One of the most inspirational little shops in Atlanta is Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings, which is tucked away in the Peachtree Battle shopping center. In addition to lots of great bedding and art, they carry pretty monogrammed gifts, candles and throws. You know, the stuff that makes a room look finished!

 A cozy Sferra throw from Atlanta's  Gramercy Fine Linens.

A cozy Sferra throw from Atlanta's Gramercy Fine Linens.

The grey greek key in the tissue box cover matched the pale gray of my walls, and the light cotton Sferra throw is actually super warm. Lately I've been using it to cuddle up on my couch for Vanderpump Rules (no shame) marathons–pajama-clad, of course (I'll never get tired of Eberjey's Gisele pajamas, I've been wearing them for years).

These days? Not quite so tired.