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 Photo: Caroline Fontenot

Photo: Caroline Fontenot

A Letter from Jess Graves:

To my friends, 

After more than ten years of running The Love List, it is time once again for the site to grow up with me. I will continue to share my thoughts and discoveries with you, but strictly via email. Yes! The Love List has moved to an exclusively-newsletter format.

While it was fun producing the grand-scale features and videos of the past few years, with new projects on the horizon, I want to focus my energy on exploring different pursuits. In March, I turned 30, and soon thereafter began a new job. A challenging new chapter of my life has arrived, and I am embracing it wholly. While I am not closing The Love List down, I am scaling it back to something more intimate and manageable, something that more closely resembles what the site was like when it first began; just me, writing about things and people I love, as if I were talking to my closest friends. 

I am flattered that many of you have been with me since year one. Back in 2006, when this site began, having a blog was not cool. It was not even something you brought up in conversation. It was my creative outlet that somehow, a few people managed to find, and then a few more. A few years later, my whole world changed. I saw my face blown up in shop windows in Barney's, I got to be a magazine columnist, holy shit -- I got to be in Vogue! I still treasure the romantic idea that one day, I can share this stuff with my grandkids, and they'll think Grandma was pretty cool in her day. 

This site has been an important platform for me. Nearly everything good that has happened in my life happened because I started The Love List. I was allowed to holler with all my might into the canyon, and to my great surprise, I heard an echo back. That echo was you. I can never begin to thank you enough for that. You can still access archived content in the footer below.

Please join me in a new era of The Love List - in your inbox! You can subscribe here.

...and of course, you can still find me on Instagram.

Here's to the next ten years.

With love,



P.S. Don't worry, the playlists aren't going anywhere.